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Some landlords may ask for a deposit (equivalent to an additional month`s rent) to prevent tenants from terminating the lease prematurely. This deposit is also used to pay for damages caused by the tenant and that may occur during the term of the lease. If this is not part of your rental agreement, you can negotiate early termination with your landlord. This is not an ideal situation for your landlord, so you might want to feel in the situation and even offer to find a replacement tenant to take out your lease if it`s nice for the landlord. Here`s an example: If an expensive carpet starts to lose due to normal wear and tear, is the tenant due for maintenance or replacement? It`s in the air, unless you clarify your repair clause in a clear and ambiguous way. In addition, each lease determines the amount of money a tenant must pay to a landlord before moving in the form of a bond. In Singapore, deposits are usually worth 1-3 months` rent. Landlords and tenants may accept different values for the surety, but ultimately, the value must be black and white to serve as tangible proof of the agreement. The purpose of sunset and reimbursement clauses is to ensure a fair and equitable solution in the event of a difficult situation. Without these clauses, it is still possible to negotiate this with your landlord himself by understanding the losses he suffers with your early termination of the rent. Similarly, landlords have the right to terminate the rental agreement prematurely – even though it is relatively unusual for landlords to do so.

Overall, there are two situations where this can happen. All rental agreements write down your rental period in writing. In Singapore, it can take between six months and two years. In some cases, the rental period may be longer than two years, especially for rental properties in high-end neighborhoods like Orchard Road. 5 Most expensive private homes to rent in Singapore. As explained by the lawyer who wrote the article, “unless the landlord had previously included an early termination clause in the original lease, it is still within the scope of the tenant`s legal rights to reside in the property until the end of the lease.” There are several ways to protect yourself from inappropriate claims if you need to break the lease prematurely: However, note that most landlords will only include the diplomatic clause for you in the rental agreement if the lease is longer than one year.. . .

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Healing the Inner Goddess is an all inclusive retreat that offers a unique opportunity for women to move beyond healing from trauma. Many women who have experienced trauma spend their entire lives burdened by symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Their personal relationships suffer and they have diminished capacity for happiness. Many women self-medicate and end up with alcohol and/or chemical dependency issues. Residential and out-patient substance abuse treatment programs, 12-step groups and psychotherapy offer support and structure in which sobriety may be obtained. Many women are able to reach this important milestone, yet continue to feel burdened by past trauma, which may make maintaining their clean and sober for life. Healing the Inner Goddess Retreat is a wonderful opportunity for the woman who has obtained a state of sobriety and is ready for Recovery Treatment Aftercare. This inner healing retreat, led by Laurie Monroe, who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, provides a rare opportunity to LET GO OF THE TRAUMA and RECLAIM OUR POWER!

Healing the Inner Goddess is a Clean and Sober Retreat. All women with a history of trauma and a desire for healing are invited to sign up for the Healing the Inner Goddess Retreat. Women for whom alcohol and/or chemical dependency has been an issue in the past year may be required to submit evidence of graduation from a licensed treatment program. Contact Laurie Monroe MSW, LCSW at Laurie@healingtheinnergoddess.com for further information or sign up at healingtheinnergoddess.com.

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